Photo of the 2nd Atlanta Pop Festival stage at night.

Jimi Hendrix

The most memorable moment was losing my virginity during Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner . . . . . I remember seeing Jimi it was raining with lightning at night and he was out of sight even as high as everyone was --oh yeah-- it was pure freedom for everyone . . . . . People who were not there just dont know what it feels like to have heard Hendrix play his ... very radical version of the SSB, So loud that the notes seemed to permeate your very being . . . . . I remember tripping over a couple making love on a blanket. I could hear Hendrix playing...I think there was a fireworks display and it seemed like he would play to particularly bright firework. The electric koolaid might have had something to do with that? . . . . . Then suddenly there he was...Hendrix was onstage with his Band of Gypsies...Buddy MIles was playing drums...I think Billy Preston was there too....Hendrix wore, what looked to me, a long flowing red gown_something like a graduation gown...he played a green Stratocaster guitar...he was also wearing a headband....his first song was 'Fire'

∗ Film of Hendrix's entire (?) performance plus random crowd footage HERE

Allman Brothers

I noticed a Triumph motorcycle come roaring up to camp with my sister on the back. The person on the front had very long blonde hair, a huge fu-manchu and aviator shades on... he looked awfully familiar even in my dazed state... my sister hopped off, ran to the van, grabbed a shirt, stopped where I was sitting and said, hey... this is Duane, Duane this is my brother... he stuck his hand out and I shook it in the "bro" handshake, saying to him, are you from Clearwater... he just smiled and shook his head... then he said take it easy, and they both got back on the Trumpet and roared off . . . . . Some of the best music there was at a free stage back in the woods. Where else could you see Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee on stage jamming at one time! . . . . .

Other Groups

I went to a funky fast food place and Terry Reid was behind me waiting to order too and we and English rock star on a country Georgia 2-lane . . . . . Time...Time...Time has come today...I can still the hear Chamber Brothers....What a great time..Me and two friends . . . . . I remember BB King telling Chris and I that we had to get off his car . . . . . I was blown away by Jimi and then after Jimi I thought who the F is going to follow that...Jimi was so amazing... and when they finished setting up the stage with just a drum set and a hammond organ.... i said come on are they kidding me... and then i was blown away by Lee Michaels and his drummer Frosty...that was the greatest . . . . .

The Nakedness

One night we were sitting around the campfire passing joints and ripple and folks were stopping by and leaving and a girl came up [from] behind and sat next to me. I turned and spoke and to my suprise, she was nude! Well it was just the times and I pretended not to notice and she acted as fully dressed . . . . . My friend and I sat on a bench between two pine trees with our feet in the sand watching hundreds of skinny dippers lining up girl boy girl boy---each couple would go down the slide together and the crowd in the water would critique [their] performance by cheering and pushing water up in the air. One particular good 69 got a thirty foot high waterwall ovation . . . . . skinny dipping in this gloriously cool grotto with a hundred other hippies. I'll take the memory of this voluptuous, dark haired, sloe eyed beauty - [who] showed me her body and her soul with no reservations and not an ounce of shame. Oh my God - what a memory . . . . .

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January 5, 2009