Tom Coffin, co-founder of The Great Speckled Bird

One of The Great Speckled Bird editors, Tom Coffin in 1971, photo by Carter Tomassi
Ray Mungo wrote in Famous Long Ago: Tom Coffin and the other editors of the Great Speckled Bird are sort of the grown-ups on the hip scene, surrounded by much louder teeny types who still think they have the right to freak out (despite the city around them, which will eventually curb their élan). Like Selma, though, it has big homes and funky stoop-sitters and the Speckled Bird house, despite its metropolitan location,has two verandahs and a wooded backyard, all of which the editors have the refined sensibilities not to use.

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Ray Mungo quote used with Ray's permission, thanks!
See Sunrisedancer for considerable information on this era
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January 5, 2009