Casinos Ushered


Every industry is grappling under the choking grasp of the pandemic. While land-based casinos are inflicted with this plight, the online casino industry has testified a mammoth leap with everyone confined to their homes with the regulations of lockdown intact. This writhing gambling industry has engendered a harrowing effect on businesses, citizens, and the economy alike.


The snazzy city of Las Vegas has been devastated by a complete lockdown for weeks. Despite lockdown measures being lifted gradually, livecasino are getting prepped up for the grand reopening. Yet this will be a moderate and lurching process considering the safety reasons according to the regulations presented by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Though the coming months will not display am extravagant Sin City with all its grandeur. The curiosity still lingers how social distancing would revolutionize the showbiz enchantment and the glitz and glamour of nightlife in Las Vegas.

The New Vegas

There will be a plethora of safety measures following the reopening of these casinos to ensure a risk-free environment for guests and staff alike. Staff is provided extra training to ensure a safe and secure environment.

These stringent regulations will materialize right from the moment you hop into a casino with thermal scanners guarding the entrances accompanying the security staff. Make sure even if you the slightest of the temperature of its better, you forfeit tonight’s leisure at the casino. Once you pass the thermal scanners, your next halt will be to adorn yourself with a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). Also, the other compulsory items at the entrance would be a mask and gloves. There are also sanitizer stations that will be established at the casinos and make the most of it.

The disinfecting process will be carried out frequently by trained professionals employing electrostatic sprayers, with strict social distancing rules to be followed. A gap of 6ft ought to be maintained between players while indulging in their favourite บาคาร่าสด game, waiting in queues, taking a stroll, and dining. Table games will be provided with a maximum of three chairs, and only four people are allowed in the elevator.

New Vegas

Though greatly esteemed for the sumptuous dining options, buffets have been teleported to a notion of the past. Menus will be for a single-use or laminated.

There will be plastic screens positioned at the entrance to avoid close contact between guests and attendants and the same principle to be applied to slot machines as well.

Public and staff lavatory will be thoroughly cleaned every hour. The toilets will have fitted automatic flushes, faucets, and soap dispensers to eschew unnecessary contact. At the same time, at the table, staff will disinfect chips before it being redistributed, and extensive cleaning of gaming machines will be carried out.