Oxberry Cameras Movements

These drawings illustrate the movements of an Oxberry camera. The camera itself can only move up or down. This is called Zoom or Truck. The compound table at the base of the camera moves the art.

The box in the table's center (at the right) is a 12 field frame, i.e. 12 inches wide. This is the American standard animation frame. The Oxberry light box and peg bars are designed for 12 field animation.

Fifteen and 16 field animation are other standard field sizes but they require special peg bar configurations on the Oxberry.
A drawing of the Oxberry camera.
A drawing illustrating the movements of the compound table.  

The drawing on the left shows the table broken down into its three movements:

Rotation, North/South, and East/West.

The N/S and E/W arrows are not mislabeled; the table moves to the left so the camera can appear to be moving to the East.

The Zoom, N/S, and E/W movements are incremented in fields. The movable peg bars are incremented in inches. Note that the rotation's axis will move off of frame center if the table is moved N/S or E/W.

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